So much talk revolves around being an alpha male. Consider this, though. You are not an alpha male or a beta male, but you can be in an alpha or beta state. Too often it seems as though people are forcing you to label yourself as one or the other.

It’s as if saying you are a “good mood” person or a “bad mood” person. That would be impractical. Just like in practicing the art of meditation, our mind wanders and we draw it back. Our mind wanders again, and we draw it back. That is the art of life. A combination of your biology and your experiences places you somewhere on a spectrum of being more direct and assertive vs more being more passive (or perhaps a people pleaser). That’s ok. Sometimes you will have to force yourself into being more assertive. That doesn’t make you an eternal beta male. As I type this I am getting more and more frustrated with the idea. My alpha is saying there is no alpha or beta.

You are a guy. You are where you are in the middle of your life. You are not ever one thing or another thing. You are constantly moving through the space of positive and negative, proactive and reactive, or “alpha” and “beta”.

You do you, and don’t overthink “what you are.” Just keep asking yourself if you are doing the best you can do.